super dysfunction

The criminal mastermind Dr. Mischief is using his dastardly Linguistic Reversal Ray to force the townspeople to speak French while he robs the banks! Sacre Bleu! What a predicament! Enter local superhero Captain Courage and his spunky sidekick, Devin, aka The Human Shield. They’re determined to save their town from Dr. Mischief’s nefarious evil plan and restore the English vernacular (at least the watered downed American version, not the proper British form). The only problem is: Captain Courage seems to have misplaced his bravery and his lucky blankie. Can Devin help him find them both in enough time to stop the great language transformation? Or will the townspeople be stuck saying oui oui for the rest of their lives? Join our heroes as they navigate the highs and lows of the superhero trade in this ten-minute family friendly comedy that braves to ask the difficult questions like: if Captain Courage has invulnerable skin, why does The Human Shield always go first?

One Act Play

Production History:
8 in 48 Idaho Short Play Festival (Treasure Valley Children's Theater / September 2017).

Stray Theater (Radio Boise / October 2017).

Harper College Theater (Stars of the Stage / June 2018).

Audience Honorable Mention Award at 2017 8 in 48 Idaho Short Play Festival.

Cast Size:
2 (2 either)

Script Excerpts:
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Copyright © 2017 Tom Slot

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