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Tom Slot's plays and musicals have been produced across the country in theaters, festivals, and on the radio. The following shows have either received full productions or public readings. Click on the title card of any of the shows below to see a full production history, a brief synopsis, cast information, and a short sample.

The constructing ghosts cycle:

A series of twelve interwoven full length works (11 plays and one musical) that illustrate the circular nature of life by exploring the only constants we all experience: death and the pursuit of love. Ironically, death is the easier of these two to achieve as humans consistently create their own obstacles to love and meaningful relationships. These missteps and failed connections are the heart of what the cycle seeks to inspect.

full length plays:

Tom Slot full length plays that are not part of The Constructing Ghosts Cycle. These plays mix comic and dramatic elements in a contemporary storytelling style.

One Act Plays:

These plays range from 10-minute comic shorts to 40 minute dramatic works, each with the unique Tom Slot touch.


A collection of full length musicals, rock operas, and children's shows.


“Both traditionally and socially divergent, this show will leave you both jolly and unquiet.”
-- Jessica Kennedy, The Theatre Guide reviewing Playlist To Have A Crisis To

"The dialogue is quick, explosive, and laden with a generous amount of humor. This world feels lived in, researched, and is believable because of it."
-- Max Kaplow, DC Theatre Scene reviewing 2015 Capitl Fringe production of Graceless

"An admirable production. Graceless examines not just political power, but the powerful chain reaction that personal relationships can have on a person, a city, a country. 4 Stars."
-- Allison Frisch, DC Metro Theater Arts reviewing 2015 Capital Fringe production of Graceless

"the sickest show in town... capped by a resolution that is spiritual and hopeful."
-- Marc Miller, Backstage reviewing Killing Time

"Tom's range and versatility just floors me; these two pieces couldn't be more different from each other!"
-- Martin Denton talking about Graceless and Farewell to Sanity on

"His beautifully flawed characters speak to honest dilemmas, and force the audience and actors to examine their own judgments and prejudices, while instilling hope in some of the darkest places."
-- London Griffith, Assistant Producing Artistic Director of Planet Connections Theater Festivity

"Tom writes characters that are whole, complex, and vulnerable--even if they have the thickest of walls. HIs comedy is as organic and nuanced as his drama. And as a director who is capable of directing his own writing--he is the most rare of talents who is able to separate the hats and still sees the actor as an artist with his or her own creative voice within the play."
-- David Stallings, Artistic Director of MTWorks

"If you have not seen Killing Time, do not miss it. It's a rare piece of theater that can generate laughs and provoke thought with equal dexterity. The cast and production team will entertain and challenge you, and you will leave with your mind buzzing and belly aching (from laughing). When I saw it, they had to turn people away at the door, so don't miss your chance!"
-- Tom Evans, Actor, Director, Producer reviewing Killing Time

"Saw the show tonight and was blown away. The story is compelling and the actors made the 90 minutes melt away. This play is a must see. Everyone in the packed audience loved the show. If you are on the fence just go see this show."
-- John Colasante reviewing Killing Time

"Killing Time was wonderful. It was clever, relevant, laugh out funny, and touching."
-- Victoria Giazioli, Actor reviewing Killing Time