Shakespeare rocks

The timeless Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night’s Dream reinterpret as a musical set in Athens, Georgia in the summer of 1970. In this updated version of the classic comedy, we find the teenage Susan Egeus running away from Athens with her boyfriend Moses Lysander in order to avoid marrying Donald Demetruis, the suitor her father has chosen for her. But when Donald follows the happy couple into the woods, trailed by his obsessed ex-girlfriend Deborah, things take an unexpected turn. Confusion and hilarity ensue as the four mortals stumble into the world of the fairies and find their feelings redirected by a magical love flower. Throw in a beatnik poet who gets transformed into a donkey, a group of hippie protestors plotting to crash the mayor’s wedding reception, a deceitful secretary, and a toe-tapping rock-country-blues musical score.

Full Length Musical

Production History:
The Mary Lou Meese Theater (The Fox Lane Players, March 2017).

Select songs and scenes featured in Searching For Connection at the Paradise Factory (Planet Connections Festivity, 2015).


Cast Size:
22+ (10 m, 12 f) M+ Chorus

Script Excerpts:
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