He's got a prescription...for crazy

The Constructing Ghost Cycle
Part 10 - March 2010

Burnt-out Dr. Henley has managed to offend most of his patients, his overly supportive secretary, and his on-leave-from-the-Navy girlfriend. But it's not until Henley is confronted by the ghost of Tom Haskins, a whaling ship captain from the 1800s who claims Henley is his reincarnated spirit, that he starts to question his sanity. Tasked by Haskins to set the cosmic scales right for the mistakes he made in August of 1863, Henley embarks on an insane adventure that could cost him his license to practice, his sanity, and his life.

Full Length Play

Production History:
The Gene Frankel Theater (Planet Connections Festivity / June 2013). Workshop Production.

Pearl Studios (Workshop and Reading / April 2012).

Nominated for nine Planet Connections awards in 2013 and won for four including Best Actor (David Stallings), Outstanding Costume Design (Victoria Grazioli), Congeniality Award (London Griffith), and Planet Activist Award (Tom Slot).

Cast Size:
12 (7 m, 4 f, 1 either)

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