a different type of god Cam

A Reality TV film crew sits down with Adam (a surfer), Eve (a baker), Cain (a convict doing time), and God (creator of the known universe and a natural showman) to learn the truth about what really happened in the Garden of Eden. As the four characters contradict, insult, and reveal each other’s secrets, the audience is left to decide what’s fact and what’s fiction. This comic exploration of the Christian biblical story of creation is filled with humor, strong characters, and all the things you love to hate about Reality TV docudramas.

One Act Play

Production History:
Reading (Original Binding Production / August 2017)

Reading (Articulate Theater Company / September 2017)

Theatre Three (21st Annual Festival of One-Act Plays / April - May 2018)


Cast Size:
4 (2 m, 2 f)

Script Excerpts:
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Copyright © 2017 Tom Slot

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