Grief is a family affair

The Constructing Ghost Cycle
Part 2 - November 2002

On the one-year anniversary of their father's death, three sisters return to their childhood home to scatter his ashes. But a brutal winter snow, their judgmental mother, and years of unresolved baggage threaten to derail the memorial before it even begins. As secrets and insecurities are exposed at every turn, can these three sisters overcome their sibling dynamic long enough to mourn their father? Or will the night leave their relationships so fractured that they can never go home again.

Full Length Play

Production History:
Reading (Original Binding Productions / 2013).

Theater 54 (Original Binding Productions / Feb - March 2014).

2014 New York IT Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Milee Bang.

Cast Size:
7 (1 m, 6 f)

Script Excerpts:
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