the holidays are killer.

A tongue and cheek ten-minute Christmas play. Playlist To Have A Crisis To opens with Alexis, a teenage girl home alone, standing over the bloody body of a burglar she just attacked. She’s distraught, feeling unsafe, and afraid she may have killed the man. And to make matters worse, the burglar may be Santa Claus. As Alexis, joined on the phone by her BFF Tanya, tries to work out the burglar’s true identity; they make a decision that will affect all mankind.

One Act Play

Production History:
Reading (Original Binding Production / August 2017)

Theatre Three (22nd Annual Festival of One-Act Plays / April - May 2019)

The Mary Lou Meese Theater (The Fox Lane Players, June 2019)


Cast Size:
3 (1 m, 2 f)

Script Excerpts:
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Copyright © 2017 Tom Slot

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