and you thought the musac was bad

A stock broker enraged that Pluto’s no longer a planet, a meathead body-builder and vapid student teacher on a date, a stuttering delivery man, a curmudgeonly senior citizen, and a space cadet dressed as Scooby Doo find themselves trapped together in an elevator. With no rescue in sight, tensions rise and personality quirks flair. Can they band together long enough to work out an escape plan or will infighting tear them apart?

One Act Play

Production History:
Mary Lou Meese Theater (Fox Lane Players / January 2016).

Reading (Original Binding Production / August 2017).

Reading (Playwrights On Parade Festival: Charlotte, North Carolina / December 2014).


Cast Size:
7 (1 m, 1 f, 5 either)

Script Excerpts:
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Copyright © 2017 Tom Slot

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