Theatre Three to Produce Two Tom Slot One Acts

Theatre Three has announced that they will produce two new Tom Slot One Act plays in the coming years. This April Tom's play Interview With The First Family will appear in THE 21ST ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYS at Theatre Three. Tom's play Playlist To Have A Crisis To will appear in the THE 22ND ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYS in 2019.

a different type of god Cam

In Interview With The First Family, a Reality TV film crew sits down with Adam (a surfer), Eve (a baker), Cain (a convict doing time), and God (creator of the known universe and a natural showman) to learn the truth about what really happened in the Garden of Eden. As the four characters contradict, insult, and reveal each other’s secrets, the audience is left to decide what’s fact and what’s fiction. This comic exploration of the Christian biblical story of creation is filled with humor, strong characters, and all the things you love to hate about Reality TV docudramas.

the holidays are killer.

Playlist To Have A Crisis To is a tongue and cheek ten-minute Christmas play. It opens with Alexis, a teenage girl home alone, standing over the bloody body of a burglar she just attacked. She’s distraught, feeling unsafe, and afraid she may have killed the man. And to make matters worse, the burglar may be Santa Claus. As Alexis, joined on the phone by her BFF Tanya, tries to work out the burglar’s true identity; they make a decision that will affect all mankind.

Interview With The First Family will play for 10 performances from April 14 to May 6. Tickets are $18 per person and can be purchased via the Theatre Three website here.